Packing for 12hrs in NYC

June 23, 2017

I am back from an amazing whirlwind trip to New York City! Wednesday was the longest day of the year and what better way to spend the longest day of the year than on a one day shopping blitz to New York City? The idea for this trip started as an off hand remark in May and turned into a wonderful memory making trip with my mom.

Last month I celebrated my birthday with my family. I expected the traditional celebration; dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then a shopping trip to Atlanta to pick out my present. But this year, my parents cooked up something different. They handed me a small gift bag from Louis Vuitton, and inside was the Louis Vuitton City Guide to New York City. Then they told me my birthday shopping trip would be a girls trip to New York City with my mom. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

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I have flown into New York twice for work and both times I went straight from the airport to the event or meeting I was attending. The most I have seen of New York City was half an hour in Central Park on my last trip, and I couldn’t wait to go back with Mom. This was her first time, so we wanted to make this a very memorable trip.

I honestly don’t know if I was more excited about having a day in NYC, or having a day with my mom. She’s an incredibly busy woman, running a household and still raising 3 of her 5 children. Getting to spend time with my mom who is also my best sounding board and the person I love to make laugh was amazing!

I will share a full recap later, for today I wanted to share how I packed for our 12hr trip.

I knew I would want a crossbody bag. A girl needs both hands for shopping, right? Mom and I each have a black nylon crossbody bags from Prada’s Vella collection. Between those, we were able to carry everything we needed, although adding the travel umbrella at the last minute did make it a little bulky.

I bought my bag from a vintage boutique last November, and Mom liked it so much she bought one from Saks Off 5th. I would highly recommend this bag. I love the zipper pockets on both the exterior and interior. I linked some of my favorite crossbody bags below. Since I ended up carrying several shopping bags, having a crossbody bag was a lifesaver.

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Look at everything I was able to fit in there! I compartmentalize everything in my bags. I find it to be the only way to keep everything organized and makes changing purses so much easier.

My favorite sunglasses, a small zip around wallet, cosmetic bag, iPhone and folding brush/mirror. Having those folding sunglasses really comes in handy when you are trying to travel light. This wallet is actually larger than what normally carry, but I wanted to have a variety of bills and change for the trip. This Tory Burch cosmetic bag was the perfect size to hold my essentials for the day.

Look how small these sunglasses fold up? I’ve worn these for three years. Definitely on my essentials list.

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Band-Aids, Benadryl, Sudafed, Motrin, Tylenol, hairbands, bobby pins, Clinique matte compact, my favorite two shades from Bobbi Brown. As you an see, I was raised to be a good Boy Scout and always prepared. My friends called me Mary Poppins because I could pull anything out of my small bag. All of this fit in a small cosmetic bag.

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A Longchamp pouch for all of my tech, earbuds in a coinpurse from Target, favorite hair clip, snacks because I am always eating, mints, gum and Purell.

I never leave home without my tech pouch. This little pouch from Longchamp holds a power cord, car adapter, AV adapter, extra earbuds and a power cord for charging my power stick.

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I use a little coin purse to keep my earbuds from getting tangle or lost in my bag.

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An organized bag makes my heart happy. It eliminates rooting around in my purse to find what I need.

I’ll be back Monday with a full recap of our trip. Have a great weekend!



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