One-Piece Wonders

June 30, 2017

Last month I found myself in a shopping dilemma; I needed a new swimming suit. I don’t spend a lot of time in the water, so I have never needed to have a wardrobe full of swimwear options. One suit is usually good for me. But when some family friends invited me to spend a week at the beach with them next month, I knew one suit wouldn’t cut it. Thus the search began. Is it so much to ask that there be a one piece suit that is both cute and covering? Apparently it is. Even the “one-piece” suits have cutouts, sheer panels and necklines down to the naval. And don’t get me started on how the leg openings are cut. Sorry, I don’t want a wedgie. On either end. So today I wanted to share with you what I wish had been out there before I looked through over 1,000 suits online. All of these will give you plenty of coverage without looking the least bit frumpy.

Blue Ruffled Off the ShoulderFloralRed StraplessStripe One ShoulderSeersucker with Red PipingWhite ScallopedColorblockedNavy with Ruffle Shoulder.

I ended up with the strapless suit in both red and royal blue. I loved the cut and the optional strap was a nice bonus. If you are on the tall side or want extra coverage, I’d recommend getting your size in long torso. It will give you an extra 3 inches of fabric, which can make a real difference on the beach.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for above, there are more options linked below. Or you can just go ahead and order this long sleeved suit in an avocado print.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend! I’ll be back Monday with another installment of “The Dress Chronicles”.


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