The Dress Chronicles

The Dress Chronicles Vol IV: Gingham Sundress

July 3, 2017

With July and 90 degree heat here, it must be summer! Another sign of summer is the farmer’s market popping up around my hometown court square twice a week. I went by last week to pick up some produce. I love my home town and the chance to support our local economy. My family believed in “buy local” long before it was cool. We bought our books from Scott’s Bookstore, our flowers from Murphy’s and our Father’s Day gifts from the men’s clothing store, Brother’s. If it was on the court square, we shopped there.


A simple navy gingham sundress with pockets.


Farmer’s Market on the court square.

Wear with:

I paired my dress with my go-to items. Boat & Tote from L.L. Bean to carry my produce, Ray-Bans for the sun and navy Jacks. The little pouch from the Goyard I purchased in New York City was perfect for holding my cash.


I bought this dress on clearance last summer when one of my favorite bloggers Krista featured it on her blog Covering Bases. I love having an lightweight sundress to just throw on and head out the door. The navy and white gingham goes with all of my wardrobe staples so putting together a complete outfit only takes seconds. Just grab my favorites and go. This dress is from the Maison Jules line at Macy’s, which I had never tired before, but loved. My dress is available now in an adorable dot print. I have linked some of my favorite items from there current line and my favorite navy gingham dresses in the widgets below.

Shop Navy Gingham Dresses 

Shop Maison Jules 

The little girl at this stand was shouting “Fresh tomatoes! Eat them while they’re fresh!”. She was the cutest thing, so naturally I bought some tomatoes.

My favorite way to cook squash is either my mom’s casserole recipe or just cut it up and saute in a skillet with butter and onions.

I come home with tomatoes, zucchini, squash, corn and blueberries. All grown locally and all for $6.

This lovely lady gets points for her delicious veggies, giving me a discount on corn and her awesome sunglasses.

That’s all for this week. I won’t be back at the market next week because I will on a plane, but I will have another installment of “The Dress Chronicles” for you next Monday.

I hope everyone has a great Independence Day!


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