Book Review: Classic Style + Giveaway

July 7, 2017

Happy Friday everyone! This past week I finished reading “Classic Style: Hand it Down, Dress it Up, Wear it Out” by Kate Schelter. I loved it. Absolutely loved it.

“Authentic style is a combination of elements whose sum is greater than each element on its own. Something simple, pure, and true that you can spot and recognize instantly-you can feel it- like a signature, a swoop of the wrist.” Kate Schelter

We have all seen beautiful books, and this book is certainly one of them, but it is more. Kate illustrated the entire book herself with the most charming watercolors I have ever seen, and wrote text that was engaging, entertaining and thought provoking.

I appreciated how she didn’t give a set list of “classics” you must have in your wardrobe and life. Instead she shared her philosophy for what makes an item a classic.

“They are immune to trends and have no expiration date in sight.  In other words: your favorite things. Think: the unique, idiosyncratic mix of stuff you never tire of, the objects that you rely on, the stuff that makes you happy, the indispensable tools that are useful, the people who deeply inspire you, reinforce, and define who you are, and what makes you tick.” Kate Schelter

An L.L. Bean Boat & Tote is on my list of classics too.

Divided into four parts; define, simplify, reinvent and own it, she shares wonderful ideas and advice on how to create your own style and find your own classics. Kate is perfectly qualified to write on this topic, from her background of growing up in classic New England style, to her career at Vogue and as a personal stylist. She has spent her life observing style and working with clients to find their own unique look by helping them build on the pieces they go to time and time again. I loved her adage to “buy less, buy the best, leave the rest”.

Reading this book made me think about what my classics are. What are the items I love and always go to?

  • Stripe Tees
  • Cableknit Sweaters
  • Sheath Dresses
  • Pearl Stud Earrings
  • Sperry Topsiders
  • Riding Boots

I loved it so much, I wanted to give you the chance to add this wonderful book to your personal library. Here is how you enter:

Comment below and tell me one of your “classics”.

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The giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday, July 15th. The winner will be announced at the top of this post as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Good luck and have a great weekend!

  1. Hey! This looks like a great read, as well as a beautiful book to display as well. Is this giveaway open to U.K. readers as well?

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