Distressed Denim for a Girl Who Hates Distressed Denim

July 12, 2017

Confession: I don’t get the distressed denim trend. All of these girls walking around with enormous holes in their jeans. Sure, a little fraying for a worn in look, but now we’ve crossed the line into disastrous kindergarten craft. My sentiments can be summed up this shirt. NOPE.

Then my sisters got some distressed jeans, and dang if they didn’t look adorable. After a little encouragement/egging on from them, I agreed to try them out.

I knew I wanted a pair that weren’t skinny. Something about ripped skinny jeans looks like you’re wearing pants that are too small in my humble opinion. I also didn’t want anything with actual holes. Just a little distressing.

These jeans from GAP were better than anything I had in mind. I love the “girlfriend” fit. The mid-rise hits me just right and there is no gaping (pun not intended) at the waist, something I always have a problem with on jeans.

Since I was undecided on these jeans at first, I thought the NOPE tee was appropriate. My friends tell me it’s appropriate for me regardless. I can be a little blunt at times. Haha.

I carried this classic Gucci disco bag and wore a black Hermes bracelet to play off of the black on my tee. Aviators, Converse and I’m all ready to go.

 Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks. Have you tried a trend and ended up liking it?

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