Gift Guide: Gifts for the Traveler

November 27, 2017

I have been traveling for the past 10 days with my family and it seemed like a good time to share some of my favorite travel essentials that also make great gifts for the traveler in your life. As a freelance consultant, my schedule changes all of the time depending on the account/project I am working on. I spent the first half of last year flying up to 5 times a week. As you can imagine, I became a travel pro and discovered some great travel products along the way. I plan to do a separate “Travel Essentials” post, but for today I wanted to focus on some items that would make great gifts for the traveler in your life. Whether this person travels for work or has a serious case of wanderlust, these gifts will be much appreciated and get plenty of miles on them.

When I travel to DC for work, I am always amazed by how many young women I see carrying Longchamp totes. While the totes are great (I love mine), today I want to talk about their weekender. I *never* travel without putting it in my carryon. You never know if you will have extra items to bring back from your destination, or if things just won’t fit back in the suitcase the same way (been there). This weekender folds up into the size of a small paperback and holds an amazing amount of stuff. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Mine I the Billberry color, which is nice deep purple/almost navy color.

Some of the best gifts for travelers are the ones that add a touch of luxury to the often unglamorous routine of airports and trains. This lovely silk eye mask and neck wrap set is perfect for the lady who spends more time at a TSA checkpoint than the spa. The neck wrap is filled with lavender and flaxseed, so it can be popped in the microwave or freezer. I know at least two ladies on my list who I will be getting this for.

If I had one word of advice for packing, it would be “compartmentalize”! I can’t stress this enough. These travel bags are perfect for keeping all of your items sorted so you won’t be rooting around in your suitcase. Both of these options are great. Navy with monograms or seersucker and whimsical sayings.

Traveling with good jewelry is always a concern. I tend to wear most of the pieces I take when flying, but having a nice, compact place to store your jewelry is a great travel gift. This beautiful jewelry box comes in 4 soft colors and can be personalized with the recipient’s initials, which adds a lovely, thoughtful touch.

One of the biggest struggles on flights is reaching under the seat to get your essentials out of your tote bag. This fantastic tech sleeve keeps everything in one place. It has room for a tablet, phone, cords, credit cards and photo ID, plus any important travel documents. Everything for a flight in one compact place. This would also make a great gift for that friend that likes taking their tablet with them everywhere.

One annoying thing to carry through the airport is a neck pillow. But what if your neck pillow was actually a down jacket? Genius! This Tumi jacket is available for men and women and would be a fantastic gift for anyone that travels in cold climates. I bought a packable down coat two years ago and used it as a makeshift pillow. Wish I had known about this then.

How adorable is this garment bag? In a sea of black, this garment bag is both practical and fun. I tri-fold a garment bag with my dresses and suits when I’m traveling for business and then place it in my carry-on suitcase. The zipper pocket on this bag is a great place to store an extra pair of hose, jewelry or other items that need to stay close.

Speaking of Tumi, they make some of the best travel bags on the market. Hands down. I used to work for a woman who had a complete set of Tumi bags. Every time we traveled together I loved how organized her bags were and how good they looked, even though they took a beating. Earlier this year, when I got tired of carrying a laptop in my tote bag, I bit the bullet and invested in a Tumi backpack with a padded laptop sleeve. I am SO glad I did. One of my co-workers had the Voyager style, which I really liked, but ended up going with this streamlined style instead. I have gotten so much use out of it and it holds all of my work and purse essentials. It is so nice to have my hands free! I also love the slip on the back that lets you slid it over a suitcase handle. Yes, it is a higher price point, but absolutely worth it.

The brand who made the garment bag makes plenty of great travel bags. Another great item in the line is this bag for hair tools, that has a heat-resistant lining. I’m planning to pick one up for myself in NYC this week. Let’s see if I can get out of the store with only one item. Yeah, probably not. I have a weakness for pouches.

Another Longchamp product I love and use all of the time is their little coin pouch. Instead of using it for coins, I keep all of my tech gear in there. It looks small, but like all Longchamp products, it holds a lot. I keep an AV and car charger, two cord and an extra headset in there at all times. It’s great to have all of your tech gear in one compact place, so you aren’t rooting around for your charger as your phone is dying. Pre-filling the pouch with a matching charging set would be a nice touch.

You have seen these sunglasses on me (almost) a million times. They are my favorites! I have worn them for over three years. Aside from the classic style, the fact that they fold up into such a small case makes them the best If the person on your list isn’t a Wayfarer type, they also come in the Clubmaster and Aviator styles.

Remember my weakness for pouches? Scout feeds that weakness very well. The wipe off material makes them great for traveling. I use this “Packing Heat” style for my travel steamer (which I will be doing a full post on soon).  I use the “Crown Jewels style for my laptop charger and mouse.

These numbered bags reminiscent of Chanel No 5 labels and make a great gift for the traveler who loves simple elegance. The striped lining on the toiletry bag makes me smile. I am in the market for a new toiletry bag myself and this is on my short list.

A pashmina. One of my favorite travel items. When I was flying 5 times a week, I always put a red pashmina in my bag. I would wrap it around my neck like a scarf when I walked out of the airport so I was easily identifiable to my uber driver. The red style I have linked is an authentic pashmina, made from pashmina wool and silk in Napel. I received mine years ago from my uncle when he returned from one of his many trips to Europe. The other scarves I have linked have the exact same dimensions but are at more budget-friendly price points.


I hope you found some great gifts for the traveler in your life! I will have another gift guide going up next week. Have a great week!



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